Friday, April 25, 2008

The tools of customer care in a Web-based business

Ryan Manville pointed me to a form-builder application called Wufoo. The application is great for simple forms – but check out the "Welcome" email they sent me when I created a free account. It is like a checklist of the tools that you need to run a modern Web-based business.

Compared to this checklist, how are we doing at Certain Software?
  • Account Information: YES – We can give you a dedicated URL for your account

  • Documentation: YES – We have documentation and a Knowledge Base, but only accessible to customers

  • Blog: KIND OF – We recently opened a company blog, but don’t yet have any posts about development or upcoming releases

  • Feedback: YES – We have a general inbox for customer comments

  • Forums: NO – We are currently investigating a Forum application, but we haven’t published one yet

  • Founders Blog: YES – We have one founder Blog, but it would be nice to have a couple more.

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