Thursday, April 19, 2007

APEX TAC Monthly Meeting Minutes - April 2007

The APEX TAC held it's monthly Virtual Meeting on April 19, 2007. Here's what we did.

APEX TAC Monthly Virtual Meeting

Host: Rick Borry (Certain)
Meeting number: 484 326 154
Start Time: Thursday, April 19, 2007 07:56:04 PM(GMT 00:00)
End Time: Thursday, April 19, 2007 08:43:47 PM(GMT 00:00)
Meeting URL:

Attendee List:
Rick Borry (Certain)
Sujal Shah (Starcite) - NEW
Jeremy Keller (SiteVisit)
Buck Downs (Columbia?) - NEW
Jane Melville, Julie Graff & Marshalle King (Hilton) – NEW, replacing Bob Horn
Scott Rudberg & Andrea Campbell (Passkey)
David Collins (Syllogy Design) - NEW
Kyle Bricker (Lenos) - NEW
Rob Wilson (Meeting Sites Resources)
Ali Tabatabai (Avectra) - NEW
Rooji Sugathan (Ungerboeck)



    1. Meeting calendar available at:

    2. May 17th virtual 3rd Thursday at (4:00pm EST to 5:00pm)
      MEETING NUMBER: 484360851
      PASSWORD: APEX051707
      *** Please sign in with your name as “First Last (Company)” so that it’s easier to take attendance.

    3. The next face to face follows HITEC in Orlando. The TAC meeting will be held on June 27th and 28th. We have a room block of 5 for $149.99 each at Embassy Suites Orlando - Lake Buena Vista, 8100 Lake Ave., Orlando, Florida 32836. Attendees can call the main number 407-239-1144 and ask for the Reservations Dept. (Mon-Fri, 8-4pm). Please have mention "CIC/APEX".

  2. STRATEGY REVIEW (from the Ft. Lauderdale meeting last month)

    1. See


  4. Take inventory of where the 4 groups are: ESG, FSO, Rooming List, RFP.

    1. OTA_HotelRFP_MeetingRQ.xsd

    2. Jeremy (LEADER) ~90% complete (need to merge Rob’s files and review)
      Rob, Junior
      Julie, Marshalle, Jane (Hilton)

    3. OTA_HotelRoomListRQ.xsd

    4. Michael (LEADER) - (Dave - Mike seems to be the best owner) ~70% complete?
      Dave, Scott, Andrea

    5. OTA_HotelEventRQ.xsd – ESG

    6. Rooji (LEADER) ~40% complete

    7. OTA_HotelEventRQ.xsd – FSO

    8. Jessica (LEADER)
      Chip, Bob (phasing out, to be replaced by new Hilton members after RFP is completed)

    9. Volunteers - David Collins (will join a group but wants to look at them first)


    1. The leader for each group should coordinate with EJ to schedule working meetings (~2h webex and conference call) with their team in order to complete the XSLTs before our next meeting (May 18th)

    2. Rich Mattes (Newmarket) can coordinate scheduling of working meetings if you need to use their Webex

    3. We need to drive these to completion by May so that we can try to get pilot implementation in someone’s database by the June meeting.

    4. Discuss common issues teams are facing and decide how to resolve them on the Forums at:

    5. Sujal (Starcite) said that they previously tried to implement APEX internally, but were not successful due to several reasons:

      • The sheer size of the XML message
      • They weren't sure where to map their database fields in the XML standard
      • The standard included a large number of fields that weren't useful to them
      • We hope to address these issues with our current project of producing validation and translation standards.

  6. NEXT MEETING (Virtual May 17th)

    1. Powershop beta demonstration (Chip Meyer)

    2. XSLT Demonstrations by working groups

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